What's not to love about Christmas? Except the task of putting your fresh-cut tree into your Christmas tree stand? It can potentially turn a fun loving and memorable time of putting up and decorating your Christmas tree, to a messy and awkward task! But TLN plastics Ltd. have created a Christmas tree stand that takes the frustration out of putting up your tree.

Cono tree stands are innovatively designed by TLN plastics Ltd. It is a New Zealand company which has been associated with selling Christmas trees for many years. TLN plastics Ltd. aimed to provide an affordable, attractive, durable and most importantly an efficient product that reduces time and the worry of potential damage. (Damage can include; water stains from fallen trees, scratch marks, rust stains and water affecting electronic equipment.)

The Cono tree stand is made from high density recyclable polyethylene and is UV stabilized. The colour of the Cono is a forest green which blends in with your live Christmas tree. It is injection molded which allows a simple yet very durable tree stand.

Cono tree stands are a well made, yet simple stand. It contains a recyclable plastic hub and zinc coated (for long life and durability) eye bolts that screw into the trunk for stability.

This holds the tree on the straight and narrow while also being able to move or slide the stand into the correct area or position that suits your home.

It’s sturdy base, which is also recyclable plastic, measures 486 mm in diameter across and flat to the floor. This decreases chances of scratching those polished wooden floors! Conos stand 182.50 mm high which allows for tree skirts to fit comfortably around them and flow onto the floor.

It also has a large water container which holds 3 litres of water (excluding the trunk). There is a lip around the perimeter of the base that catches any excess water. By unscrewing the eye bolts out of the trunk, you can easily remove the tree from it before you take it down.

With the Cono tree stand you can easily monitor the water levels for your tree. Christmas trees are just like a cut flower! The more water they can drink earlier on, the longer they will live! With the Cono, you will always be able to assess whether your live tree is in need of water!

Shipping Information:

One Unit is one Cono Christmas tree stand.

Each unit is 486.00 diametre wide and 182.50 high.

1 unit = 1.180 kilograms

17 units = 1 metre high stack = 20.06 kilograms

68 units = 1 cubic metre = 80.24 kilograms

Container Sizes:

40 Foot container (General Size) = 67.7 cubic metre

20 Foot container (General Size) = 33.2 cubic metre